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DMC2022 Invitation

2021/12/30 14:12
DMC2022 Invitation
To whom it may concern,
Entering the 14th Five-Year Plan period and opening a new historic starting point for the new era, China’s die & mould industry is in a period of transformation in which the internal cycle is enlarged and the external cycle is complex, facing the profound adjustment of global manufacturing supply chain, intensified industrial competition, diversified resources, changes of consumption structure, significantly improved supply quality and the squeeze from the industrial chain, presenting both challenges and opportunities for China’s die and mould industry. 2021 is an important year for the High-quality Development Stage with the digitization process accelerating. Driven by the demand of global manufacturing market, China’s die and mould companies have shown advantages involving product optimization and upgrading further accelerated, improved equipment capabilities, industrial coordination capabilities more complete and precise docking of downstream industries and further enhancement of comprehensive international competitiveness. The total volume of China's die and mould imports and exports reached 8.94 billion US dollars in 2021, an increase of more than 13 percent over the previous year. Imports totaled 1.46 billion US dollars, decrease 8 percent and lower than the 1.5 billion US dollars of the previous year. The total export volume of die and mould reached 7.48 billion US dollars, an increase of more than 19 percent from the previous year, to a new level above 7 billion US dollars. Die and mould trade surplus reached 6 billion US dollars. The mutual promotion of international and domestic cycles has been clearer. China’s die and mould industry supports China’s manufacturing and plays a more important role in the world.
With over 30 years’ effort, as a key platform pushing China’s die and mould technology advancing and promoting communication and trade, DMC 2022 will be held at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) from 15th to 18th Jun, 2022. DMC 2022 will follow the step of the 14th Five-Year Plan and keep boosting expansion of internal circulation and international-domestic dual circulation. DMC 2022, with the theme “A New Journey & Reform Fostering a New Development Paradigm”, during the period of consumption diversification, industrial chain integration, optimization of die & mould manufacturing and forming, advancement in digital and information technology and the revolution of technological coordination, supply chain integration and new materials application, high-quality development requires not only the coordination of specific product, but also the integration of the entire industrial chain. In the 14th Five-Year Plan period, DMC 2022 will continue strengthening die and mould industrial chain, strive to promote the integration of trade and procurement, promote the coordinated development supported by die & mould capacity, and accelerate the establishment of related industrial clusters, stabilize supply, and improve the overall efficiency and capacity of the entire industrial chain. DMC 2022 will strive to be the world renowned authoritative, professional, and comprehensive exhibition for showcasing precision machining and die and mould manufacturing.
DMC 2022 will showcase the latest technology of precision manufacturing, focusing on the integration of digital automation technology and technological advancement. DMC 2022 will strive to create an inclusive platform for marketing and procurement by exhibiting Lean Manufacturing Equipment & Automation and Smart Manufacturing Technology and Integrated Forming and Precision Die and Mould Manufacturing. Moreover, DMC 2022 will present innovative technologies and products such as additive manufacturing, laser equipment, robotics and automation. Systematic solutions for die and mould production and related equipment will also be exhibited. At the same time, DMC 2022 will provide die and mould enterprises with technologies and equipment that reduce costs and increase efficiency, so as to enhance die and mould optimization and the overall capacity of the industry. In order to promote communication and facilitate trade between die & mould and related equipment industries, DMC 2022 catalogue will provide visitors with information of equipment and materials suppliers. The biannual assessment events, such as the Advanced Technology Award of Die and Mould for promoting die and mould technological progress, and the Excellent Suppliers Award of Equipment, Software and Materials for promoting design, structure and processing optimization and smart die and mould forming, will be held concurrently at DMC 2022.
Exhibition area of Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) Technology will be set up at DMC 2022. The exhibition area will feature equipment, metal powders, hardware and corollary equipment, laser surface treatment, welding and restoration technology and products, software system, consumable materials, techniques, die and mould parts processing and related services of additive manufacturing technology. By showcasing the latest technologies and products, the exhibition area serves visitors from automotive, aerospace, machinery, consumer electronics, household appliances industries, to connect the industrial chain and promote coordinated development.
Furthermore, the Forum for Additive Manufacturing Technology & Laser Manufacturing Application will be held by China Die & Mould Industry Association and China Aero-space Tooling Association. The forum will focus on the innovative application of additive manufacturing technology for customized and mass production in aerospace, transportation, and die and mould industries, and will share new cases of additive manufacturing equipment promoting the development of strategic industries and consumption upgrading. The on-site event promoting exchange of ideas and information between the members of China Aero-space Tooling Association and die & mould enterprises will be organized at DMC2022.
For the first time, The 16th ISTMA World Conference will be held in China, with DMC2023 taking place concurrently. As the authoritative and world-renowned exhibition showcasing precision manufacturing and die & mould technologies, DMC is committed to promoting cooperation between domestic and international experts, professionals, entrepreneurs, engineers, technicians from die & mould and equipment industries and academia. DMC strives to promote connectivity between China’s die & mould industry and the world, demonstrate the cost-effective advantages of China’s die and mould products, showcase the development of China’s die & mould industry clusters. DMC also provides an important communication platform connecting buyers and sellers of die & mould parts (standard parts) and promoting B2B connectivity. The schedule of the 16th ISTMA World Conference is: collection of papers and registration of attendees by February 2023, confirmation of speakers and issue of agenda by April, and collection of speech materials by May. The 16th ISTMA World Conference will be held concurrently with DMC2023 in June, 2023.
Leveraging resources of China’s die & mould industrial clusters, supported by Carbon Neutrality Expo and Green and Smart Auto Shanghai held concurrently, DMC 2022 will extend its range to automotive, environment conservation, carbon neutrality industries.
Leveraging our industrial database resources and know-how, we will strive to build a high-quality and inclusive platform to promote the connectivity across the entire industrial chain and help enterprises upgrade through the value chain. We will work together to promote the development of die and mould industry and create a better future.
Thank you for your attention, support, and participation in DMC 2022. Your intent to book space and exhibit, visit as professional buyers, or attend concurrent events will be greatly appreciated. We look forward to seeing you. (For more information, please visit DMC official websites:,, )
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