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2021/08/27 11:26
DMC 2022 Invitation

To whom it may concern,
Entering the "14th Five-Year Plan" and opening a new historical starting point for a new era, China's Die & Moulds are in a period of transformation in which the internal cycle is enlarged and the external cycle is complex, facing the deepening of the global manufacturing supply chain, intensified industrial competition, diversified sources of internal circular public resources, multi-dimensional changes in the consumption structure, and significantly improved supply quality and the squeeze from up & down stream industry, creating both great challenges and opportunities for China Die & Mould industry. 2021 is an important year for the "high-quality development stage", with the digitalization process accelerating. Driven by the demand of the global manufacturing market, Chinese Die & Mould companies have shown advantages involving product optimization and upgrading further accelerated, equipment capabilities more sophisticated, industrial coordination capabilities more complete and precise docking of downstream industries & further enhancement of comprehensive international competitiveness. In 2020, China's Die & Mould output value was 310 billion RMB yuan, and China's Die & Mould consumption value reached 278 billion RMB yuan, supporting China’s 32 trillion product forming and manufacturing. China’s Die & Mould exports have exceeded 6.2 billion U.S. dollars, and the number of export countries and regions has exceeded 200; in the first half of 2021, based on the sharp drop in the previous year, China’s total Die & Mould imports fell by more than 8% year-on-year, and self-sufficiency was further strengthened. Total exports increased by nearly 24% year-on-year. The mutual promotion of international and domestic double cycles has been clearer. Chinese Die & Moulds support Chinese manufacturing, and the position as the protagonist on the international Die & Mould stage is consolidated.
With over 30 years’ effort, DMC as a key platform pushing China Die & Mould technology advancing and promoting communication and trading, DMC 2022 will be held at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) during 15th – 18th, 2022. DMC 2022 will follow the step of the 14th five-year plan and keep boosting expansion of internal circulation and international-domestic dual circulation. DMC 2022, with the theme “A New Journey & Reform Fostering a New Development Paradigm”, enduring the accelerated period of consumption diversification, industrial chain integration, precision Die & Mould manufacturing and Die & Mould forming, advancement in digital and information technology and the revolution of technical cross-coordination capabilities, supply chain services manufacturing and new materials application, high- quality development of the industry requires not only point to point links of the products, but the whole industrial circulation integration. With the characteristic of industrial chain coordination, in the "14th Five-Year Plan" new journey, DMC 2022 will continue building the Die & Mould upstream and downstream industry chain, strive to promote the integration of trade and procurement industry chains, promote the coordinated development of upstream and downstream industries linked by Die & Moulds, and accelerate the implementation of industrial ecology construction of the circle, stabilize the upstream and downstream supply, and improve the overall efficiency and level of the industrial chain. DMC 2022 will promote a new chapter of the authoritative professional comprehensive exhibition that is recognized by the world's exhibition and industry circles for the integration of precision machining and Die & Mould manufacturing.
DMC 2022 will be brilliant and lead the world in precision manufacturing technology, focusing on the integration of digital automation technology and the technological leadership of precision equipment; striving to create "lean manufacturing equipment and automation and intelligent manufacturing technology" and "integrated forming and precision Die & Mould manufacturing" to form an industrial chain platform for centralized display and procurement. Based on higher-end precision processing equipment and more advanced Die & Mould manufacturing technology exhibits, DMC 2022 will further expand the application of new technologies such as 3D additive manufacturing, laser equipment, and robot automation integration, actively expand Die & Mould forming production line engineering solutions, and provide equipment system solutions. At the same time, DMC 2022 will be more focused on reducing manufacturing consumption and costs, improving manufacturing efficiency and Die & Mould forming efficiency of technical equipment, and encouraging Die & Mould companies to purchase more sophisticated equipment and more effective practical technologies to improve their own performance and Die & Mould product upgrades, so as to speed up Die & Mould products, optimizing the pace to enhance the Die & Mould industry's ability, improve quality, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. In order to promote the communication and interaction between the Die & Mould and Die & Mould-related industries and the equipment industry, DMC 2022 catalogue will consolidate the index of equipment & materials suppliers and promotion before the exhibition. The biennial assessment of leading equipment, software and materials suppliers, and Fine Mould Award will be carried out again.
DMC 2022 will highlight China's high-precision, high-efficiency, composite Die & Moulds, focusing on lightweight Die & Mould technology and intelligent Die & Mould applications. DMC 2022 will accurately serve the automotive, electronics, packaging, home appliances and other industries, expand the supply of internal cycle Die & Moulds, and support the huge Die & Mould market demand in China's manufacturing industry, forming equipment and Die & Moulds will also be exhibited together to promote the coordination of integrated forming resources and drive Die & Mould forming optimization, focusing on sharing system technologies such as intelligent Die & Mould design, digital manufacturing technology and information management; building a market-led technology integration and collaborative innovation environment, promoting China's Die & Mould service high-end precision manufacturing and serving new consumption; promoting technology and equipment support products extending to the systematic improvement of Die & Mould peripheral equipment and downstream parts of the Die & Mould, providing a more extensive communication space for new Die & Mould technologies and new applications. Biennial " Fine Mould Award" in the Die & Mould industry will be carried out again to promote design precision, structure optimization, refined processing, and intelligent Die & Mould forming control.
Taking advantage of the 16th ISTMA World Conference (ISTMA World Conference 2022) held in China and DMC2022 at the same time and place for the first time, DMC2022 strives to enhance the international influence of the authoritative position of precision manufacturing and Die & Mould technology professional exhibitions! DMC 2022 aims to promote Die & Mould industry experts, industry veterans, Die & Mould and equipment entrepreneurs, engineering and technical personnel and other industry elites from many countries and regions with developed manufacturing industries to gather in Shanghai, China, creating a win-win result,  promoting the dialogue between China and the world Die & Mould, interpret the cost-effective advantages of Chinese Die & Moulds in the international Die & Mould market, and use the regional division of Chinamy country's Die & Mould companies to participate in the exhibition, consolidating the development achievements of China's Die & Mould clusters and regional integration, and also focusing on exhibiting Chinese and foreign Die & Mould parts (standard parts), increasing B2B targeted services. It coincides with the "New Energy Vehicle and NEV Supply Chain Expo" and "Shanghai International Carbon Neutrality Exhibition" held concurrently, which will expand the theme of automotive, environmental protection, carbon neutrality and DMC 2022.
We will use industrial database resources, leverage our own industrial accumulation advantages, build a high-quality and extensive communication platform, actively promote the linkage of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, improve the industrial chain, and help the industry develop and create together as companies move towards the high end of the value chain. bright future!
We sincerely thank you for your great attention and full support to DMC 2022 and the 16th ISTMA World Conference, for coming and participating, and we sincerely invite exhibitors, participation, exchanges and participation in various activities. We look forward to meeting and communicating by then.
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